Accounting & Bookkeeping: Spend your time building your business — and your profits. Let SIMC LLC handle your small business bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and report filing. We can provide as many of …we’ll unravel your books, help categorize your transactions, and so much more.

Organized books

Monthly account reconciliation

Personalized attention

Complete account setup

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Focus on Your Business.
Leave the Books to Us.

We know how overwhelming doing the books for your business can be. With SIMC LLC’s Bookkeeping Service, you don’t have to.

We’ll take over the day-to-day work of bookkeeping so you’re organized and ready to make informed decisions about your business.

With Our Bookkeeping Service, You’ll Get:

Knowledgeable Bookkeeping Specialists

It’s your business, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Rest easy knowing your books are in good hands.

Chart of Accounts Setup

We’ll enter all your historical data for the year (and beyond, if you want!) to get you fully onboarded.

Monthly Account(s) Reconciliation

Don’t wait until year-end to reconcile your books. With monthly account reconciliation, you can count on accurate and up-to-date account balances.

Account Organization

Don’t get debits and credits? No worries—we’re here to help make sure your books are organized the right way.

Month-end Book Closing

Were all your transactions accounted for? Is all your data organized? Each month, we’ll dot all the i’s and cross the t’s when closing your books.

Transaction Categorization

Whether you need automatic or manual bank imports, our team will make sure that the transactions are entered and categorized correctly.

Monthly Client Meetings 

We’ll review your books at the end of each month and answer any and all questions you may have.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy the personal attention you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

No Contracts

You can cancel at any time!

You must use Accounting Premium Software with our Bookkeeping Service

Explore our partnerships on Accounting Premium

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QuickBooks Enterprise or Online

Accounting Seed

Accounting Suite

Fresh Accounting

XERO Enterprise or Online

Patriot Software

Accounting Premium Features:

Pay contractors and vendors

Easy & unlimited invoicing

Receive & record payments

Invoice payment reminders

Business Intelligence & Analytics


For our Bookkeeping Service, we charge a one-time onboarding fee and a monthly service fee.

What are your average monthly expenses?






One-time onboarding fee

$100 per month of historical data

$120 per month of historical data

$130 per month of historical data

$160 per month of historical data

$190 per month of historical data

One-time Onboarding Fee

Our one-time onboarding fee is based on your average monthly expenses (including payroll) and how many months of historical data you want added in.

Monthly service fee

Once on board, we’ll charge a monthly service fee based on your average monthly expenses (including payroll).

What are your average monthly expenses?






Monthly service fee






Frequently Asked Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What is SIMC LLC’s Bookkeeping Service? 

SIMC LLC’s Bookkeeping Service handles all your day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities, including account organization, transaction categorization, monthly account reconciliation, and month-end book closing.

Can you pay my bills and taxes for me?

No. Our Bookkeeping Service focuses on organizing and adding transactions you have made so you have a better understanding of your financial records.

How do I get started?

Schedule a free consultation so we can get to know your business better and answer any questions you have. From there, we’ll gather and onboard your information.

When will I be charged?

We’ll charge a one-time fee at the time of onboarding. Your onboarding fee is based on your average monthly expenses and how many months’ worth of historical information we need to enter.

This monthly Bookkeeping Service fee will be charged on the 1st of each month (along with any other SERVICES REQUESTED).


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