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What are the benefits of managing your business with Patriot?

What are the benefits of managing your business with Patriot?
Discounted Pricing
You can add and manage your clients’ payroll and accounting software with Patriot. You will receive a discount off of the retail price according to the active client account tier you fall in on the following products:

Basic Payroll
Full-Service Payroll
Basic Accounting
Premium Accounting

Client Control – Full-Service Payroll and Accounting or Do-It-Yourself, Payroll, and Accounting

Client Control – Full-Service Payroll and Accounting or Do-It-Yourself, Payroll, and Accounting
When you choose Full-service patriot software and manage your business accounts within Patriot, you remain our customer, and we interact with you directly. We provide ongoing support to you as a client and can run your payroll for you and your stakeholders’ access or give them access to do it themselves. Patriot bills us directly we then determine the amount we bill our client for fees and services, at discounted rates.

Patriot offers the option to have a co-branded website that uses our logo and a general color scheme. If you as our client users log in to the software, you will see your logo. The co-branded website will be “powered by Patriot.” We also have a non-branded website address called that we can log in, so instead of Our clients can use either or and will see the same co-branded design.

Expedited Direct Deposit
We offer free expedited direct deposits for all approved clients.

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Partner Pricing FAQ

Patriot Software offers the ability for you, the accounting professional, to provide payroll and accounting software to your clients. You will receive a discount off of the retail price based on the number of active clients accounts you have with Patriot. Along with receiving discounted pricing, you have additional functionality with an umbrella login and consolidated billing so that you can provide accounting services and payroll services for your clients. This way, you can set your own pricing on a client-by-client basis, and you can invoice your clients any amount you’d like.

What is my responsibility when I receive partner pricing for my client accounts?

When you unlock partner pricing, you are agreeing to be responsible for all of the setup and ongoing support work for the client. If your client needs any help with our software or their data, you are agreeing to provide that help.

When I manage my clients’ accounts, can I choose to file my clients’ taxes or have Patriot file them for me?

Yes. You have the choice of filing your own clients’ taxes with our Basic Payroll option or letting Patriot become the Reporting Agent and deposit and file your clients’ federal, state, and local taxes. Compare the differences and decide which option is best for you and your clients.

For each Basic Payroll client you add, you will be responsible for depositing and filing your client’s payroll taxes. Patriot will provide an electronic W-3/SSA file, prefilled quarterly 941 forms, and a tax liabilities report showing all federal, state, and local taxes that are owed.

For each Full-Service Payroll client you add, Patriot becomes the Reporting Agent and will deposit and file your client’s federal, state, and local taxes. Here are the steps:

  • You enter your client’s federal, state, and local (if applicable) tax account numbers and deposit frequencies into our software.
  • From within our software, you download the signature-ready forms which give Patriot authorization to deposit and file your client’s payroll taxes. You present these forms to your client for their signature and return them to Patriot.
    • Reporting Agent Authorization-Form 8655
    • and any other state-required forms
  • You notify your client that Patriot is the third-party Reporting Agent who will deposit and file their payroll taxes.
  • You select the date you want Patriot to begin the tax filing service and authorize the first tax payment of any taxes owed from payroll activity in our system.

Once our tax filing service has begun, you will be able to view reports of tax deposits made and download copies of the quarterly tax filing packets for each of your clients.

Do all of my clients need to have either Basic Payroll or Full Service Payroll?

No, you can pick and choose any array of software options for each of your clients, including our Basic Accounting software and Premium Accounting software. They do not all have to be set up with the same options.

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